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Support leads & clients effectively 

  1. Import contact lists from Excel
  2. Add new leads on the fly
  3. Keep track of your leads
I was able to upload my entire database in five minutes! No more waiting around, I can get straight to business.
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Create estimates & proposals on the fly

  1. Use custom quote templates
  2. Get real-time material costs
  3. Connect with tradespeople
Spreadsheets and phone calls took up a lot of my time. Drafting a proposal through BoB is effortless, and gave me back all that time."
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Easily process payments

  1. Offers flexible online payment options
  2. Sync your accounting software
  3. Set deadlines and reminders
"This has been a game changer for my clients. I can invoice from anywhere with no extra fees!"
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Track your financial health

  1. Get notified before you go over budget
  2. Track profits and losses in real-time
  3. Compare estimates vs. actual costs
Keeping track of my budget is a lot less stressful now that I can oversee everything in one place.


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Smart Template
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Leads tracker
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Team chat
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Cloud photos
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Budget tracking
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Punch in - Punch out
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Calendar view

Accounting Integrations

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Manage your business in one app


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" When I was using countless spreadsheets to manage my business, a lot of mistakes would slip by. The BoB by Billdr platform is customizable and user-friendly, helping me streamline my operations and keeping me on track!"
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