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Meet Billdr pro, the contractor’s sidekick

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Why choose Billdr pro for your business

Smart template
Save time with custom templates for all your different projects.
Never miss a deadline with scheduled reminders.
Lead nurturing
Close more deals by keeping track of the status of your leads.
Team chat
Move projects along faster by sharing team updates as they happen.
Cloud photos
Document your progress by uploading photos anywhere, anytime.
Budget monitoring
Stay within your budget and make adjustments with real-time data.
Time tracking
Know when your team is on-site and construction work starts and ends.
Calendar view
Set better timelines by viewing all your projects at a glance.

Support leads & clients effectively 

Import contact lists from Excel
Add new leads on the fly
Keep track of your leads
I was able to upload my entire database in five minutes! No more waiting around, I can get straight to business.
A list of Renovation project

Create estimates & proposals on the fly

Use custom quote templates
Get real-time material costs
Connect with tradespeople
Spreadsheets and phone calls took up a lot of my time. Drafting a proposal through Billdr pro is effortless, and gave me back all that time."
Quote builder for construction

Easily process payments

Offers flexible online payment options
Sync your accounting software
Set deadlines and reminders
"This has been a game changer for my clients. I can invoice from anywhere at no extra fees!"
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Track your financial health

Get notified before you go over budget
Track profits and losses in real-time
Compare estimates vs. actual costs
Keeping track of my budget is a lot less stressful now that I can oversee everything in one place.
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Manage your business in one app



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What contractors are saying about Billdr pro

No more spreadsheets ridden with mistakes

"Billdr pro platform is customizable and user-friendly, which helps me streamline my operations and keeps me on track!"

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Easy-to-use platform, even for the less tech-savvy!

"Even when I'm on the go, I can access all the info I need, so keeping up with all my projects is a breeze. This makes my job a lot simpler!"

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Simpler to run than QuickBooks

"I have little time to spend getting familiar with an entirely new platform, but the learning curve with Billdr pro is very minimal. I didn't expect it to be this easy!"

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